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Latest updates

I haven’t listened to it yet but it’ll probably be the same talking points as the interviews he’s done locally. Will come back with some thoughts after I listen.

Add on to this what you will, but I just want to get everyone talking since there barely seem to be any new topics posted… Here’s my dream class (within the realm of possibilities)

Troy Franklin
Julien Simon
Ethan Calvert
Owen Prentice
Will Latu
Moliki Matavo
Jaylin Davies
Zakhari Spears
Brandon Campbell
J.D.…[Read more]

What a joke, has both Egbuka and JTT to Ohio State. Especially in the JTT recruiting doesn’t seem to be giving UW a chance. I realize that it’s way too early and these guys don’t know what they’re talking about anyways, but it’s still annoying to be consistently slighted in the national spotlight, especially with Sam as a…[Read more]

Note: These are based on average which is far more predictive than the points method.

We are tied for 14th in the 4-year cumulative ranking. (Oregon is #18).

The 2020 class came in at 16th in terms of quality.

Recruiting Rankings (Quality)

Blue Chips on the roster are up to 44. Would have been higher if Lowe and Ngata didn’t transfer and Ahmed stayed. It was…[Read more]

I have not adjusted for special teams yet which impact the rankings…

USC #7
UW #16
UO #18

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