Latest updates

Latest updates

We apparently just cracked his top 7, but I haven’t heard much about him. He wasn’t mentioned on Sonics’ summer recruiting board either.

Anyone know anything about him? He’s a 3-star athlete but listed at 6’7 and 240. He has lots of big time offers too, which you can see in his top 7.

Larry Scott reportedly just tested positive for COVID-19. Does it seem at all coincidental to anyone else that just as talks heat up to finally fire him that he tests positive? I think he is lying and it’s a diversion so that he can keep his cushy job a little longer? Fee free to roast me in the comments if you don’t feel the same.

I can’t recall a past time where we had this many players changing their jersey numbers in the off-season. Maybe I never paid attention. Is this typical in some years or does it kind of feel like many players want to start fresh in the Jimmy Lake era. Much like Michael came back with Jersey 45 instead of 23?

3 classes already but not here?

Always repping /// stripes2021 All-Americans @samhuard11 & @emeka_egbuka sporting the latest All-American Bowl fits. #AAB21 🇺🇸#AllAmericanBowl 🏈— All-American Bowl (@AABonNBC) July 10, 2020

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