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Although it is only Mississippi State, Ali Gaye who was signed to Washington at one point is dominating in the first half today.

And that’s why we gave a scholarship to the kid from Germany who will come here not even playing a snap of Varsity football……

Well Brandon at least 8 schools in the SEC, 4 in the Big 10, 3 in the ACC, 2/3 in the Big 12, and 2/3 in the Pac-12 find them every year and they have a body of work to go off besides a camp where they don’t have pads…[Read more]

If my math is right, 36 out of 45 blue chip prospects are redshirt sophomores, redshirt freshman and true freshman.

In order to keep 50 percent BCR we would have needed to replace 7 blue chip prospects. We can now count Yary in the equation while taking out Pama. At the current time we have 4 guys rated 4 stars or better. If things were to stand…[Read more]

Jimmy Lake: "We believe that our culture is better than everybody else's." So there you have it.— Mike Vorel (@mikevorel) September 24, 2020

Jimmy talked a big game with aggressive recruiting and so far that was a flop.

Hopefully he’s right about the culture.

Urban Meyer said culture was the #1 thing for a new coach and he said it would be…[Read more]

Can the guys just opted out come back?

Latest updates

@sonics1993 thanks for your insider posts. It is amazing to hear what you have to say even if its negative or positive. Much respect.

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