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Let’s give the benefit of doubt to Malloe and assume Lake promotes him to DC.

After him, there is no one currently on the Defensive side of the ball as a position coach I would want to promote or have them take the next step to move up food chain.

Under Pete/Coach K you could live with that. Jimmy doesn’t have that luxury.

Reason number…[Read more]

He’s currently CO-DC which is often used as semantics for a higher salary.

That being said, if Lake doesn’t give it to him, imo he leaves in December, or at the latest after 2022 season.

He’s also one of three best recruiters on staff (no great shakes I know but still) so can Jimmy afford to lose him?

He’s pretty much the Coach K of the Big 12.

Knows how to shut down potent passing games
Defense doesn’t give up a lot of points

Not sure you could get him out of the Midwest but
He’s a guy that might want to move up to a team
That is a bit easier to recruit to.

Makes 850k. Might be able to entice him for a bit more than
Coach K is making now.

We have a team that can compete for a championship this year and next. No bullshit promote from within or NFL retread. You owe it to the current players to hire the best DC available. Anything less sends a message to players, recruits & national media.

Texas just has really deep pockets

Latest updates

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