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Latest updates

3 classes already but not here?

Always repping /// stripes2021 All-Americans @samhuard11 & @emeka_egbuka sporting the latest All-American Bowl fits. #AAB21 🇺🇸#AllAmericanBowl 🏈— All-American Bowl (@AABonNBC) July 10, 2020

Because of Huard, Emeka and JT. But isn’t the 2022 class locally even better? It’s looking like if you pulled
all the Seattle area kids you would fill half your whole class from home. When’s the last time that happened?

I have been firmly in this camp for awhile but, with the Michigan announcement, my resolve is clearer than ever: MOVE THE SEASON TO THE SPRING!

While nothing is promised with the spring, the odds of a CFB season being somewhat normal are astronomically higher than they would be now. In fact, moving to the fall could allow for schedules to be…[Read more]

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