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Can we take a minute to appreciate how fucking amazing this last week has been?

*Crush Arizona in the most dominant performance we have seen since at least 2016.
*Clown all over BYU and have every program in the West and national media join in.
*Oregon loses to the fucking Beavs.
*We pull off a miraculous come from behind victory that would have…[Read more]

In new UW Hoodie:

Often after a game you get a lot of posts about what went wrong. In spite of that sentiment (which is important) let’s highlight what went right.

Yes he’s got 7 sacks against some of the weaker tackles in the Pac-12. The most important part is we’re seeing consistency in his play. He doesn’t take a lot of plays off and he keeps himself…[Read more]

The stubborness Jimmy and Jon Don is showing with it is concerning. In two of three games it’s either been less successful as the game has went on (Beavs) or not at all (Utah)

I won’t even get into this philosophy working against teams like we played in the last 3 NY6 Bowls, but even in the Pac-12 trying continually to run blast into 8 men boxes…[Read more]

Assuming Bynum is out here is apparently our starters next week:

Puka w/ his career 20 catches is now our goto receiver (Aaron Fuller)
Ty Jones who has the same fight/want to for the ball as Braden Linius can be Andre B
Jordan Chin can be Chico

And for fun let’s flex out Devin Culp as a decoy.

Meanwhile the talent has either been passed over…[Read more]

Latest updates

You get it?






@tinku aight give the user and pass for the scoopduck acc

@360dawg yo

@sonics1993 thanks for your insider posts. It is amazing to hear what you have to say even if its negative or positive. Much respect.

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