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If Sirmon is still the starting Lb, this team isn’t winning the league this year.

I really hope we can get Gaotete but it will be tough. He’s following Texas coaches now.

I had hoped Heimuli or Calvert (or Ah You) would supplant Sirmon by now.

Bookie was a huge pickup and I think Hampton at safety will add something. But we have to shore up ILB.

Chest 12 hours, 21 minutes ago

RB: Emeka Megwa
WR: Germie Bernard
WR: Tobias Merriweather
TE: Chance Bogan
TE: Ryan Otton
OL: Josh Conerly
OL: Dave Luli
OL: Vega Loane

DT: Hero Kanu
DT: Ben Roberts
OLB: Rashad McKenzie
OLB: Tevarua Tafiti
ILB: David Bailey
DB: Ben Morrison
DB: Jalil Tucker
DB: Zion Branch
DB: Myles Pollard

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Passion 3 days, 19 hours ago

Also confirmed how dominant the defense today was. A couple of troubling things I also heard from him in his analysis.

In listening to his breakdown of the qb’s (all 3) as of right now I think he believes they are all jag’s at best. Obviously not fair to Huard, but both him and Cam Cleeland both have major concerns about any of the 3’s ability to avoid pressure and extend plays which I 1000% agree with. It’s those 3 +/- empty possessions a game that keeps your team scoring in the low/mid 20’s which puts a ceiling on what you can do unless you make up for it (++ results) in other areas like turnovers.

Then in his breakdown of the wr’s I got the impression as a group that so far what he’s seen is not even at the qb’s level. Saying they get no separation, no yac, not explosive, too many possession type guys, etc.

Also said the defense was and should be ahead of the offense, and defense was bringing blitzes which on day 2 might be a little unusual, and we all get how good Mcduffie is at cb, but he seems underwhelmed with that group right now.

If you heard the interview, anyone else pick up on anything both good or bad?

Avatar 5 days, 4 hours ago

Christian Capel at The Athletic ( with an interesting quote from Bob Gregory:

“You’ve got to talk about it, there’s no doubt,” Gregory said. “I think it was around 200 yards (per game) that we gave up last year, which we’re not going to win a lot of games giving up 200 yards rushing. So (we’re) talking about it. More emphasis on how we’re taking on blocks, striking blockers better. Getting another guy up in the box to stop the run. It’s a philosophy. It’s a mentality. It’s teaching it more, spending more time on it, being more aggressive with it, getting another guy in the box, scheme-wise. So it’s a little bit of everything. … Everybody wants to rush the passer. We say you’ve got to earn the right to rush the passer. We’ve got to be good on first or second down, or we’re not going to get to third down.”

It’s noteworthy that Gregory mentioned putting another player in the box to defend the run. Through two practices this spring, it seems as if UW has practiced more often with a more traditional package of three interior linemen, two outside linebackers, two inside linebackers, two cornerbacks and two safeties. Of course, the nickel position always will be crucial in Lake’s defense, and you should fully expect the Huskies to play exclusively with five or six defensive backs against teams that throw the ball more often than they run it. But against a team like, say, Stanford, I get the sense Lake wants to be more proactive about loading the box with run-stopping personnel.”

Maybe Jimmy will adjust to more base defense type looks finally against teams like Stanford that operate with 2 WR sets.

thapurplefunk 5 days, 11 hours ago

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@sonics1993 thanks for your insider posts. It is amazing to hear what you have to say even if its negative or positive. Much respect.

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