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Adding Eastern Washington to the schedule in 2026 and 2028. Yet another example of a football program that is not serious about being big time. As far as giving the customer value for their season ticket money and Tyee donations it is laughable. Expect 30,000 empty seats for those two. Just no understanding of how to attract and retain fans.

I understand the budget issues UW is having like every other college, but PK left for 1.7 M and 3 years which is only 400K more and 1 year extra than what he had here.

Cohen said that whatever Jimmy needed for money he would get.

We upped Lake’s salary twice when Saban tried to poach him and iirc the salary bump at least the 1st time was…[Read more]

Jhop just heard from his sources it’s Oregon for JTT and he could commit as early as this Monday.

We’ll see if he’s right because if he is, hopper might have just saved his legacy.

They are reporting that Kaho is in the portal. Honestly he made a mistake going to Alabama. I would still take him put him in the room and see what happens. Its litigated our LB room is subpar until it’s not. Will be interesting if we make a move on him.

“We’re a sleeping giant”

They’re always saying USC and Texas are sleeping giants which is why those guys switch coaches every 3 years to find “the one”.

The reality is resources only matter so much. It’s very hard to find a dedicated coach that is very aggressive, passionate and builds a program the correct way to have success in the…[Read more]

Latest updates

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@tinku aight give the user and pass for the scoopduck acc

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@sonics1993 thanks for your insider posts. It is amazing to hear what you have to say even if its negative or positive. Much respect.

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