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We should run all over these fools.

Stanford is so physical that their D is last in Pac-12 in yards per carry and 11th in rushing yards per game. Their rush offense is last in Pac-12 in yards per & 9th in yards per carry. Cut the bullshit. They are big but not athletic.— HuskyFanPodcast (@HuskyFanPodBDTW) December 5, 2020

Finishing the 2021 Class

That’s the focus right now. There’s going to be a lot of questions answered in the next two weeks. How many Oregon will sign and what spots remain. And the key here is, I’m going to wager spots will remain.

Here’s why.

Right now Oregon only has 22 verbal commits. They can sign 25. Which of course means they’ll…[Read more]

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The Woodbey family holds Coach Lake in high esteem.

Go close him Jimmy. You know he’s best off at #DBU right now.

This is GREAT news. He wants to decide this month. Judging from what
I’ve seen from the Safety. We don’t have an enforcer at Strong Safety.

I watched a bunch of highlights and looked at their stats.

Mills is a good passer but limited in and out of the pocket.

OL seems decent but not great.

WRs are strength of the team. RB’s decent, should improve over time.

They pass a lot.

Defensively they are really bad against the run, nor are they good against the pass. They are capable of…[Read more]

Latest updates

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@sonics1993 thanks for your insider posts. It is amazing to hear what you have to say even if its negative or positive. Much respect.

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