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Latest updates

Latest updates

Can confirm Pac-12 will follow the B1G’s lead and push football to the Spring. No established date at this time.

I don’t know if ‘Spring’ would include February. But personally I don’t see the season happening at all if they aren’t playing games by mid-February at the LATEST.

Please, PLEASE keep this as a non-political discussion. You can vent,…[Read more]

The Big 10 announced it will be delayed. I’m sure the Pac-12 will follow tomorrow.

Irony is those most upset about college football being cancelled are the reason it got cancelled. Had they taken this seriously and just worn a mask we’d have college football.

That is the only thing that makes any sense from the John Donovan hire. Coach Lake repeatedly said that the Penn ST offense under James Franklin gave our defense the most trouble of any system that he faced while at UW.

The problem with this theory is that Penn ST was running Joe Moorhead’s version of Franklin’s offense against UW not John Don…[Read more]

Top 10 Greatest Husky Wins Ever. Criteria is simple. Quality of the opponent & quality of Husky performance.

#10 is a tie…

#10 is a tie…1990: Washington 31-0 over USC. "All I Saw Was Purple Game"2016: Washington 44-6 over Stanford. This generations "AISWP" game. Total domination over then top 7 teams. Kickstarted a 3-year run. Epic…

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Here’s what’s going to present problems for a team early in the season.

New players overestimate the quality of their opponents. We’ve seen this happen with UW.

We’d play say EWU and then someone like Hawaii and get overconfident. I remember watching the Arizona
game and we almost lost that game to a very average Arizona team. Pac-12 teams h…[Read more]

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